Achieving Aesthetic Outcomes with Dental Implants.

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Dental implants have become a staple in everyday treatment.  However, achieving desired treatment outcomes can be difficult. The challenge to the surgical-restorative team is to understand the needs of the patient and how to obtain more predictable esthetic outcomes.

In this course, we will review esthetic considerations for dental implants and restorations, and how these impact the surgical and restorative treatment planning process. We will discuss cases that highlight the benefits of various treatment options to optimize esthetics, such as immediate implant placement with immediate temporization, the use of custom healing abutments, esthetic surgical incisions, and the importance of abutment-crown contour for long-term soft tissue stability. This course will provide tools to accurately diagnose, plan, and treat your patients to obtain long-term esthetic outcomes. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand guidelines for dental implants and learn to identify factors that compromise or contribute to undesired results
  • Identify key components in an esthetic smile and how to obtain them while utilizing dental implants
  • Indications and execution for immediate implants
  • Different methods for maintaining and preserving ideal soft tissue contours for esthetic restorations and emergence profile

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