Aussie Retailers: Why online reviews are crucial for 2021.

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Five stars is never enough when it comes to retail. With customers looking you up online before they ever pass a store window, can you afford to look less than your best? When you really start to look into what reviews mean to consumers, you'll see that there's a lot more to your online reviews than just stars.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into a new study that shows what Australians are looking for when they look you up online, including how the pandemic has changed what consumers expect.

Marketing and retail experts from Podium will share findings from the report, along with the best current advice for gathering reviews, responding to reviews, and keeping your store’s reputation robust.

Grab a glass of wine, shake off the day, and join us for this after hours session and an honest look at how reviews are influencing Australian retail trends.

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Ryan Boyko
Regional Sales Director, Retail — Podium

Kate Christopher
Head of Marketing, Australia — Podium