Paving Your Path to Profits:

How to Optimize Your Customers’ Purchase Journey From Beginning to End.
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86% of customers say they will pay more for a better customer experience. And 84% of customers say experience is as important as products and services themselves. 

You know this, don’t you? Just about every enterprise is thinking about the “customer experience” and no brand wants to offer a poor experience to their patrons. 

But what is customer experience REALLY, and how can you improve and enhance it every time you interact with your customer or prospect?

This is precisely what you’ll learn in this fast, fun, and fact-filled broadcast featuring three experts telling the whole truth about customer expectations and how to exceed them. 

Best-selling author and customer experience consultant, Jay Baer will be joined by Annette Franz, CEO of CX Journey, and Podium’s senior product leader, Jason Brand, in this live discussion. Together, they’re bringing you an action-packed, massively useful session you won’t soon forget!

You'll learn:

  • True or False: customers expect more of you since the pandemic?
  • What customer experience is (and is not)
  • Why most CX initiatives fail (but yours will succeed)
  • The key interactions that customers truly care about
  • Actionable tips to exceed customer expectations and drive sales

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Jay Baer
Founder — Convince & Convert, Author

Annette Franz
Customer Experience Expert, CEO — CX Journey, Author

Jason Brand
Group Product Manager — Podium