Back to Basics: Reopening Business in a Covid-19 World

Join best-selling author, Jay Baer, and growth marketing gurus from Yext and Podium for a special broadcast as they explore how you can shift your strategies to gain an extraordinary competitive advantage.
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Jay Baer
CX Expert, Best-Selling Author, & Keynote Speaker
Tyler Gardiner
Marketing Solutions Advisor, Podium
Elizabeth Walton Egan
VP, Growth Marketing, Yext

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Your Unfair Advantage

Post Covid-19 will be a history marker studied by generations to come. When so much about how consumers interact and transact with businesses changed overnight, businesses have had to completely reinvent how they operate. Now, as businesses begin to reopen, you will have to reinvent again.

The stakes are different. The metrics too. The questions asked, the speed expected, the safety concerns, the transaction process, and the entire customer experience—all different.

Are you delivering the omnichannel experience your customers expect? The smartest and most successful businesses during this time will win more customers by being faster, more convenient, and more responsive than their competition.

Join this webinar to learn:

> Why all businesses must re-educate customers
> How consumer search behavior has changed since COVID-19
> How to capitalize on shifting consumer buying patterns and behaviors
> Examples of innovative companies who have rewired customer relationships effectively
> Technologies and best practices for recapturing revenue and growing your business